IKEA HACK : lenda curtains POMPOM DIY

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1135

So if you own a home, rent a home or live in a home (hopefully one of those…) you have PROBABLY looked for curtains or window coverings at some point. It’s not exactly my favorite thing to do….it’s pricey and kind of not fun at all. Did I mention pricey?!?! too pricey. especially when you live in a home like mine with (NOT COMPLAINING!) tons of  big big windows. I was presented with a few options to solve this problem. I didn’t particularly care too much about privacy because of where we live so my primary concerns were 1) that our home looked nice & uniform from the road  2) white 3) back tab or pinch pleat because of the existing rods on our windows and 4) hung nicely with a nice material. Well that kind of sounds like a lot of requirements. BUT at least I didn’t have black outs, privacy or lined in there.

 Now when we moved in….there were curtains on every single window. beautiful curtains and probably custom handmade drapery but they didn’t exactly fit the style we were going for. So I began the search. Google search : white backtab 105″ curtains. That really doesn’t sound too complicated does it?! well there are a few options to choose from but all of them were putting me at around $100 PER PANEL. that’s not happening considering I would need about 18 or so. After that sucker punch to the wallet, I decided to figure out a way to make IKEA curtains work as a lot of other DIYers have done. They have white 118″ back tab curtains for 19.99! winner winner. but that’s a different post kind of. I’m getting distracted.

For our family room, I had a pair of previously purchased kind of sad lonely looking white IKEA Lenda Curtains and decided they needed some love. I found some adorable black pom pom trim at JoAnnes and bought enough for just the two outside edges of the curtains. these are 98″ panels so 98″ x 2 = 196 divided by 36 (1 yd) = 5.44 so I rounded it up to 6 yards. that is the extent of my math skills.

Here’s what else you need:

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1136

1. wax paper cut into narrow strips to cover the width of your curtain panel.

2. scissors

3. the trim you are wanting to apply (in this case, black pom poms)

4. the superstar of this project, unique stitch fabric glue. (my incredibly talented sewing mother in law is probably cringing at this….sorry MIL!) this stuff is really a lifesaver though. I’ve tried a lot of fabric glues so that I can avoid doing the tango with my sewing machine. it makes you look like you know what you’re doing!

**please forgive the mixture of real camera photos and iPhone photos in this post!**

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1137

next, lay out your curtain panel on the floor or a clean surface so you can work easily and so that the glue doesn’t get everywhere. I did it on the floor. Then, put the back side of the curtain face up. This particular trim has a thick band to apply the glue to so I didn’t want that showing on the front side of the curtain.

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1138

then, slip a strip of wax paper between the front of the curtain and the backside of the curtain so that you don’t have any glue leakage going on. Leave it there for 30 minutes after you have finished applying the glue. If you’re working with a different fabric glue, follow your glues drying instructions before removing the wax paper!

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1139

Now it’s time for the trim. I found it easier to work in smaller sections to avoid a glue mess. Have you noticed that a lot of the things I do are to avoid making a mess? I am very messy and kind of careless.

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1140

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1141

Be careful not to get any glue on your poms! or on the carpet. definitely not the carpet. Keep going and going and eventually (if you didn’t screw it up…) it will look like this!

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1142

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1143

I waited about 2 hours before I hung them back up. Here they are in all their cutie pie glory. My husband isn’t sold on them yet. I mean come on….black is manly, right?! 😉

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1145

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1146

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1147

I love easy non complicated DIY projects because along with being messy and careless I’m also really impatient. So if you give this project, I’d love to see! Email me with photos kristin@kristinpartin.com ❤ Make sure you pin this to remember it!

kristinlewisdesign POMPOMDIY_1135


Dining Room

steph&josh_0921 steph&josh_0922 steph&josh_0923 steph&josh_0924 steph&josh_0925 steph&josh_0926 steph&josh_0927 steph&josh_0928 steph&josh_0929 steph&josh_0930 steph&josh_0931 steph&josh_0932 steph&josh_0933 steph&josh_0934 steph&josh_0935

Well, this was a fun one. This is one of the very first rooms we worked on so it’s been finished longer than any of the rooms (besides the kitchen). This is the only room in the house that we did not remove the wallpaper….you can see that in some of the photos if you look hard enough. We painted over it…and looking back, we wish we hadn’t. Some time over the course of the next 50 years I’m sure we will remove the wallpaper and patch the walls, but for now we don’t see the need. It looks pretty cool and that’s okay with us.

I must say, when you live in a small town and you paint gold chevron on your dining room wall, people will talk. Some good, some not so good 😉 We’re known as the house with the gold Charlie Brown wall and I’m definitely okay with that. Your home should make you happy and inspire you everyday and this room definitely does that for me. It’s cozy, its inviting and it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing. Except for may the painted over wallpaper….

I have gotten LOTS of questions about our table 🙂 It was an extremely generous Christmas gift from Curtis’ boss 2 Christmas’ ago and it was purchased from a chain furniture store (Butterworths I think?) in Petersburg. We picked it out from their catalog so it wasn’t in their showroom. That’s really all I know about it 😦

Our dining room chairs are from World Market. They aren’t great quality – the legs are really wobbly but they look pretty. If you have the money, splurge for the real thing. We eventually want to sand the legs so that they will have a more rustic look.

Our blue rug was purchased from rugsusa.com

The chandelier was already in the house when we moved in.

The wooden buffet was purchased from The Dump in Richmond.

The green tufted chair was thrifted for $5! (thanks Kelly).

Our head dining room chair is a chair my grandma gave me and I had it reupholstered to match the other linen chairs.

The computer desk was thrifted for $50.

My husband, sister & I tackled the gold chevron wall. Although I was only involved 2% because I had a bad attitude. Admittedly, the 2% I WAS involved…..was having the idea to paint the gold chevron wall 😉

The ivory curtains are from Target and the inner white ones are from IKEA.

My husband & I made the bench so that we would have enough seating to host our first Thanksgiving in our home. (Post on that coming up. I won’t say soon because we all know that’s a lie.)

The ‘some things take time’ print is a DIY handmade- (also a post on this coming up.)

The blue watercolor map of Sweden was done by my friend, Tory Doughty.

The animal prints are from the animal print shop.

Most of the other items are thrifted.

Hope you enjoyed.


Family room

This room….was quite the mess. As I mentioned in this downstairs bathroom update post, it was a total gut job. Windows, flooring, dry wall, electrical…you name it. (this is a long one, folks)

Here’s where we started.


The floors had been eaten alive by termites…at this point, we thought we could just rip up the boards effected (affected?…anyone?) most by the little rodents. We later found out we would have to rip them all up and replace the subfloor and purchase new hardwood flooring. We were a little sad about that since the flooring throughout the whole house is original to the home.

From here, we started with removing the layers and layers of wallpaper. Beneath, there was plaster so we had to be careful not to let it crumble to the ground. We soon found out we would need to cover the plaster walls with drywall. They were in pretty terrible shape, unfortunately.

A few people told me I should leave the walls like this because they were very Anthropologie inspired 😉 I’ll agree, I do think it’s pretty…but not very practical to live in 🙂




Next, we got onto ripping up the old chewed up hardwood and replaced the subfloor to prepare for the new flooring. There was this really cool photo I took of the huge hole in the floor with no flooring at all..you could see the basement. Buuuuuuuuut. I must have accidentally deleted it. awesome.


A friend of the family in Stony Creek is a great contractor so we called him up to replace the drywall throughout the room. He also taped and mudded all of the plaster in mostly every room of the house. I let him borrow my clown parade stilts 😉

MC_0889 MC_0890

(I’m really dragging this out, huh??)

After the drywall was up (after several days of re-mudding and sanding), we could prime the walls white-we used KILZ. As you’ll see in some of the photos further down, we actually used a spray gun to do the trim and rolled the walls. We painted right over the windows since they were getting replaced anyway. Very very messy, but since we didn’t have much to protect we went ahead.


I really wanted to stripe an accent wall, so we left the accent wall white (Behr – Ultra Pure White) and painted the other three walls grey. (Behr-Silver Drop). It’s easier to paint color onto a neutral than vise versa so our last step was taping off the stripes & filling in with grey. My husband is a graphic wall hulk. and is also way better at math than me. 😀 I just get all fussy and pout in the other room.

MC_0892 MC_0893 MC_0894

FINALLY we could install our new flooring. I felt like this took years to get to…I left for a wedding and when I got back, they were done! I would have moved all of our stuff in that night but I didn’t want Curtis to kill me. So I waited until the next morning to bug him about it 😉


and after many long nights, help from the whole family, a few arguments, 6 rolls of tape and 6 tubes of caulk…I present…OUR NEW FAMILY ROOM!!!!! that is ultra cozy and perfect.

MC_0896 MC_0897 MC_0898 MC_0899 MC_0900 MC_0901


orange pillows – Pier 1

Pink tribal pillow – World Market

Black and White pillows – Ikea

Rug – Rugs USA

Horse Painting – Home Goods ( ISN’T IT INCREDIBLE?! )

Elephant Print – The Animal Print Shop (Sharon Montrose)

orange lamp – Target clearance

coffee table – thrifted & painted

tv stand – used to be my school desk when I was homeschooled.

Billy bookcase with doors – Ikea

Chandelier – Ikea

downstairs bath update.



I’ll just say this. I don’t know Young House Love does it. Completing home projects is hard….photographing the entire progress is just plain ole exhausting. Not to mention keeping up with them on random cards for 9 months. Some of the before/after posts do not have the best quality of photos. Sometimes all I had around was my iphone so you’ll see quite the mixture of photographs. But I thought context was important so seeing a crumby blurry iphone photo beat having nothing at all. 

There are only one or two rooms in the whole entire house (family room and dining room) that I can say that we have completely finished. Every room has made progress (except the two spare bedrooms upstairs) and every room looks better, but there are always things on our ‘one day we’d like to…’ list. I feel I can’t call these TRUE before/after posts because I’m not finished. There are some paint color choices I’m not happy with….art I need to rearrange…fixtures that need replacing..you know how that is. But folks really wanted an update so I’m ridding the need to have it ‘perfect’ before posting. 

First up, our downstairs bathroom. It is attached to our family room which needed a total gut. The previous owners used the room we now call our family room as a bedroom (since it has an attached bath). We thought it would be much better suited as a family room since there are already 3 spacious bedrooms upstairs. Plus, if we have company overnight and one fella tuckers out quicker than the others, they can sleep in peace without being woken up by loud cackling & tv noise. See, we’re quite the thinkers. Family room update is next!

I don’t have a complete BEFORE photo….I guess it’s just one of the rooms I neglected. Basically the only difference is that pile of black/navy wallpaper pictured on the floor in the second photo was on the walls. We had a huge debate on whether or not it was navy or black. I will not tell you which side ( N A V Y ) I was on. 

So…we removed the wallpaper and border.

Next, we painted the walls black. We used “Broadway” by Behr. Since the tiles are black, we thought it would look really cool to have a high gloss black on the walls. If I had to do it again, I would not have chosen to work with high gloss paint. It’s usually acceptable in bathrooms or on baseboards/chair rail, but, it is incredibly hard to work with. 

All of the woodwork in the house (doors, molding, baseboards…E V E R Y T H I N G) was painted an off-white dull color so that was a lot of work to spruce back up. It required sanding, caulking and lots of painting (you can see the off-white color in the second photo below). 



I originally chose a white shower curtain (above) which is the same one in our upstairs bath, but our upstairs bath actually required two shower curtains since we had to purchase a claw foot tub shower extension. So, I went a different way with the curtain. Home Goods, baby!

I hung curtains, art and changed the knob on the vanity mirror (which is original to the house). We scrubbed the tile, caulked like madmen and for now, it’s perfect. ❤


Still on the todo list for the downstairs bath…

1. Get a new pedestal sink & faucet

2. Replace the toilet ( still a battle I’m fighting 😉 ) Someone thinks that one works just fine.

3. Unfortunately, we will have to eventually replace the original floor tiles because they are in such bad shape 😥 

Hope you enjoyed! Talk soon. 

xoxo, k

ya dig?!

the list of things that catch my eye, unfortunately (for my bank account), keeps growing & growing & cascading out of my windows and puddling onto the ground outside.

People say to me allllll the time, ‘Kristin, you always find the coolest stuff!’ or…’You have the BEST luck when thrifting!’ Well folks, that is not true. I just have an eye for the rescuable items…the damsels in distress of the hot (sometimes fairly overpriced) dingy junk shops. I’m not going to pay $150 for every chair I find attractive. I’m not going to buy a 6 piece patio set from Home Depot for $375. No way man. You can keep your rod iron sea of booooooooooring. (If you have a patio set from Home Depot…so sorry!) I like my items to have stories…to bring soul (& maybe some embedded wisdom) into our home. So I search for them and when I see them, they sing to me! (they usually choose show tunes or memoirs from Annie.)

I have a blog post brewing with a list of tips for thrifting, where I shop & some recently upcycled thrift store projects but for now, here is a list of the things I’m diggin’ in the design world. All photos courtesy of google images unless otherwise posted.

maureenandscottblog_0768 maureenandscottblog_0769

1. Morrocan Poufs

I’ll take one in every color, please. Great for extra seating, holding a tray of drinks or for your husband to play video games on since sitting on the couches provides a ‘glare’ on the tv. These make me so unbelievably happy! Now accepting wedding balances in leather poufs. ‘Pouf ‘ is a really weird word, by the way…

maureenandscottblog_0770 maureenandscottblog_0771

2. Velvet

Instant luxury. Would you be interested in knowing that I’m trying to teach myself how to reupholster & hand tuft? Oh you wouldn’t be? Okay then no need to be rude.

{images courtesy of World Market & Emily Henderson}

maureenandscottblog_0772 maureenandscottblog_0773

3. Bedside Table Vignettes

Good design is emotional. Everyone has that chord inside of them that can be struck by their life being made more beautiful & simplified. The first thing you see and take advantage of in the morning is your bedside…why shouldn’t it be aesthetically pleasing?

4. Chandeliers


See. I told you my wallet was grumpy. NOT CHEAP! Thankfully, as long as it looks like crystal I’m down. All of the rooms in our new home came with rather expensive chandeliers. Unfortunately, they aren’t my taste. So over the next 17 years, I will be bringing in many beautiful chandeliers cascading with crystals, diamonds and dollar bills.

I will now rejoice in the fact that our 2 year anniversary is Friday and my birthday is just around the corner. Friends and family, please bring me velvet, tufted items & vintage royal blue ribbons. Just kidding, your love is enough. {but really…hand tufted…) ;);)

What pretty things are you into?

Bedroom Update

the ‘w’ word.


not a word allowed in this house. B A N N E D even. apparently, being dramatic is not banned.

There were several rooms in our home that were worse off than others. In every room except the kitchen, there was at least 3 layers of wallpaper on the walls. In some rooms, they painted over the existing layers of paper to prepare a smooth surface for……more wallpaper. One of the rooms that was in bad shape was our bedroom.

Here is a photo of the empty room before we began our work on it.


Layers of wallpaper was removed.. then, we were so happy to find that they painted over more wallpaper. Below in the photos, the blue-ish bit you see is the paint that was beneath 2 or 3 very old brittle layers of wallpaper. The white areas (exposing the plaster) are where we had scored the paint so that the steamer could reach beneath the layer of paint to begin the removal. Below that is a closeup of the process.


After this step, we prepared the walls for the drywall guy to come in and repair the cracks in the plaster. We had to sand the walls around the cracked areas to make sure the tape & putty he used adhered properly. Years and years of homeowners carelessly nailing nails into the plaster caused the plaster to become brittle and crack across the walls so all of that had to be replaced.


The brownish area is the actual plaster, the bright white area is where we sanded and scrubbed the plaster so it’s clean & the glue has been removed. The gray area is where he applied putty to patch the cracks. After this step was completed, we were able to move our stuff in. We lived in the room with the bare plaster, unsanded & uncleaned, until we had gathered up the mojo to sand & clean the walls.


Pretty, huh?! Next…sanding & scrubbing. Curtis’ favorite new toy, his electric palm sander. This job was so very very messy. Not a fan of this step…or any of them for that matter 😉 😉


finally…after the walls were slick & smooth, we were able to prime the walls with oil based primer.


You cannot use latex primer to prime plaster because latex paint is water based. When applied to bare plaster, the water in the latex paint can cause the walls to swell and bubble leading to problems in your plaster. The oil based paint acts as a sealer to protect the walls from future damage. You’re welcome. Next, our actual PAINT COLOR! that was an exciting day for us. Never have I had to work so hard to prepare a surface just for PAINT.


Don’t worry, the trim isn’t staying that creamy color. We have to sand it alllll before I can paint it white.

Our bedroom isn’t complete yet, but I’d say it’s made quite an improvement over the last few weeks..wouldn’t you say?


Full post coming soon! Just waiting on a few small things (frames, an additional piece of furniture, etc.) and we’re done!

{{a huge thanks to my mother in law was such a hard worker and was dedicated to making sure the room was down to the bare plaster by our move in date. She’s great}}

Until then, the ‘W’ word is still banned. Sorry cutie pants polka dot wallpaper. Unless I can paint you, you’re toast.

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 11.32.52 AM

{ all photos taken with iPhone }

For those who have asked..

Our wall color is ‘Painters White’ by Behr. Don’t be fooled, it is grey!

our huge awesome bed is a find from Craigslist. Sorry!

Our grey and white sheets are West Elm

the dressers being used as nightstands are from IKEA

the clear lamps on our nightstands are from IKEA

the pink pillow is from World Market

our white bedding is from Target

Upstairs Bath, Before

this bathroom was not cute. some would even say it was uuuuuugly. in fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it was u-g-l-y. I’ve nearly finished it and thought you’d like to see the befores! We painted (over the paneling that looks like wallpaper), changed the light fixture, took down the wicker cabinet above the toilet, removed the ‘wooden’ toilet seat and added some storage. Take a look at a little progress.


lyndseyandcollin_0469 lyndseyandcollin_0470 lyndseyandcollin_0471

…and a peak of the ‘after’!


( all photos taken with iphone )

all moved in.

as you may have guessed by the title of this post, we are alllll moved in. the boxes are all put away and things are settling in & looking like a home. There is an unending list of projects that have to be completed but to the eyes and heart, it is our home now. I’ll admit, it took me a little while to adjust to the change…come to find out I don’t like change all that much 😉 I have been documenting as best I can and have 8 or 9 posts scheduled of each room and it’s progress so don’t think I’m just keeping it from you 😉 I’ve been asked a lot why I haven’t been ‘instagramming’ progress on the rooms – to be honest, I would rather show a complete before and after. I’ll show progress photos coming up but as for the final reveal, I’m saving that for completely finished. S O R R YYYYYYY. It’s just the way I like reading B&A posts so I figured maybe y’all were the same. Until then, here’s some photos from moving day.

lyndseyandcollin_0464 lyndseyandcollin_0465 lyndseyandcollin_0466 lyndseyandcollin_0467

goodbye lovely rental, you were kind to us and we will always miss you.

{all photos taken with my iphone}

Home, Before .

so..I had these photos on my business blog because wordpress loves to give me complication when signing in. BUT, alas, I have it figured out again so I’m moving them here….where they belong 🙂 I give you, the ‘before’ photos of our downstairs. We’ve made lots of progress (well, it seems like that to us) over the past two weekends. Here’s our progress so far.

– removed all wallpaper from the walls

– repaired the plaster cracks & installed drywall where needed

– sanded down & washed all of the plaster walls (every room in the house)

– primed all of the plaster walls with KILZ

– installed a new water pump

– finished the upstairs bathroom

– (mostly) finished the kitchen & laundry room

– got a coat of paint in the upstairs hallway

– drove the lady at the home depot paint counter crazy.

– drove my in laws crazy.

Still a long ways to go but progress is being made. Very encouraging to actually SEE things happening. Thank you all for caring about our home projects and for following the progress! I’ve been documenting everything like a good girl so there are lots of before/after photos in your future.


Home Photos

although the quality leaves much to be desired, here are some iphone photos of our home. maybe I’ll use this big ole spensive camera beside me for some better ones soon…..


front porch


view into the ‘sitting room’


view into the foyer. I think that’s what that’s called? whatever, the front of the house.


our room


another view into the ‘whatever room’


oh and here’s one of curtis on the roof.